Andrea Hardaway
Andrea Hardaway


Founder of Amplio, LLC and the Pivot System, Andrea has served as a transformational leader and executive within corporate America and has also worked with a number of service-based business owners and leaders to help them develop as leaders and free up their time to expand operations, increase revenue, and grow their teams.

An entrepreneur herself, with in-depth experience in healthcare and real estate services (commercial investing & property management), Andrea is most passionate about helping leaders in service businesses.  She believes every person has a story, and businesses must be intentional in creating positive and life-changing narratives in people’s lives. The service industry has endless opportunity to do just that.

Andrea sees patterns and opportunity in the midst of chaos. She helps business owners see what’s possible, even when they are feeling stuck! She has built a team of highly qualified business strategists, marketing professionals, and integrators who are in place to roll up their sleeves and help her clients see the vision, do the work, make the changes, and celebrate the wins!

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, and Executive MBA from the University of Tennessee, and is a certified Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt.  In addition to her technical skills, she is an experienced leader and people manager.  She is uniquely qualified to understand and analyze even the most complex operational processes!


Visionary. Growth Strategist. Disrupter

Andrea Hardaway doesn’t think like the average person. She can walk into an impossible situation, quickly diagnosis the root problem, develop a winning strategy and get BIG results–easily becoming a CEO or business owner’s closely held secret weapon.

A sought-after consultant with 20+ years of senior leadership experience, she disrupts the status quo and partners with teams to cultivate excellence and generate massive growth.

Check out what others are saying…

I tried for years to step away from running day-to-day operations…

Honestly, I was overloaded and everything was suffering.

I am now free to create more opportunities for myself in business.

Our business is now on the path to scale our services by more than 50% this year! I’m more excited now than I was when we first started the company! THIS is what being a business owner SHOULD feel like!

Brian Levredge

Partner (Former President & CEO)

First Property Management

"Andrea proved to be a skilled leader who is able to come into a complex environment and drive transformative change. Andrea is deliberate in her work and acts with a sense of urgency. She demonstrates a high level of respect for her peers and, in turn, gains the respect of others."

Tim Attebery, DS, MBA,


"Andrea has a brilliant mind for business. She was able to evaluate our business model and offer a unique perspective in the development of our processes. She will identify details you hadn’t thought about, and provide you with practical solutions to help you execute on those details."

Jay Jackson

RYSE Interactive Inc

"Andrea is a self-driven and a very efficient worker. She is methodical and detail-oriented. She has helped several teams in improving their workflows significantly resulting in time and cost savings thereby reducing their frustrations with the process. She really works well with all disciplines and is very approachable."

Sheetal Bandi

Project Manager

"Andrea is a very effective communicator, facilitator & consultant who generates creativity, strategic thinking and innovation from healthcare management."

Terry Begley

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

"Andrea came highly recommended as I searched for help navigating the difficult journey of entrepreneurship. She gave great direction during the manufacturing/fundraise for my product, CPRWrap. Andrea didn't try to mold me in her image, but amplify the possibilities of my own."

Felicia Jackson

CEO & Founder, CPRWrap Inc.

"Andrea delivered a consistent skill set with the right mix of teaching and leadership. We will be a better organization from her engagement with us."

Dr. Stephen Combs

Sr. VP Physician & Clinical Integration

"An amazing communicator that brought order to a chaotic environment. I was always impressed with her ability to develop personal relationships with individuals and then work directly with these key individuals to insure that projects were met with success. It was not uncommon for Andrea to work directly with the clients in the most difficult circumstances and turn them around to be advocates for our organization."

Joel Scott

Senior Director

"Andrea rolled up her sleeves and  helped stabilize operations at the Popcorn Pantry.  Our team had a renewed excitement and  we were able to roll out some pretty exciting new products that our clients loved!  When my wife and I decided to sell the business, she helped us with our exit strategy.  It was a win-win for all!"

Steve Higgs

Popcorn Pantry

"I have been consistently impressed with Andrea’s drive and the types of roles in which she has excelled. I see her applying her creativity while leveraging her natural intellect and vast experience. She is an outstanding asset for any entity that works with her."

Dana Taylor


"Andrea Hardaway is one of the smartest women I know and has helped me build many profitable businesses since I have known her. She helped change the culture and create better systems to get me more profitable. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to grow their business to new levels."

Randy Shelley

Chattanooga Investment Property, Inc.