Andrea Hardaway is the President and Founding Partner of First Property Management.  Founded in 2015, First Property Management provides residential and commercial management services in Greater Chattanooga and surrounding areas in Georgia and Alabama.

As one of the fastest-growing property management companies in the area, First Property Management has become a magnet for real estate investors focused on growing their property portfolios.

In addition to her work with First Property Management, Andrea helps other property management leaders pivot from stressed-out business operators to strategic business leaders.  As a strategy consultant, commercial real estate developer, and owner of a fast-growing property management company – Andrea is a visionary who specializes in bringing order to chaos and doing so in a way that uncovers opportunity, streamlines operations, and increases PROFIT!

“We can do more together than we ever could apart; we can do well (exceptionally well)
while doing good.

With a personal mission to do good in legacy-making ways, Andrea sees property management companies as being uniquely positioned to positively (and powerfully) impact the communities they serve.  Whether engaging with tenants, clients, vendors, brokers, team members, investors, or contractors – Andrea fundamentally believes we can do more together than we ever could apart; we can do well (exceptionally well) while doing good.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and an Executive MBA from the University of Tennessee.  She is also a certified Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt.

Fun Facts: 

Andrea played the violin for over 15 years.  She has a twin sister named Adrienne.  When she is feeling especially inspired, she enjoys creative writing and singing with a small acapella group.


Why work with Andrea - #1

Real experience

Having worked as a leader in a number of different Industries and been a founding partner in a rapidly growing property management company, Andrea knows what it takes to get BIG results fast.. BUT to do it in a way that ACTUALLY leads to LASTING results!

Why work with Andrea - #2

Truly unique perspective

Andrea is truly an outside-of-the-box thinker. She is known to be a conversation leader and starter. Her perspective has gained her tremendous amounts of trust and influence in various sectors

Why work with Andrea - #3

Does not deal in drama

Seriously low maintenance and easy to work with, Andrea's clients love what she brings to the table. It is all about the work and all about helping them achieve their mission. In short, there will be no need for special brands of water when it comes to bringing in Andrea and to your organization.

Why work with Andrea - #4

Captivates the crowd

She pulls the audience in with her fascinating stories and a wonderful ability to help others visualize what is possible.

Why work with Andrea - #5

Listens (intently)

Knows how to truly read the room and adjust on the fly. Andrea does not believe in being bored for an extended amount of time and, in turn, will never allow your attendees to experience that either.

Why work with Andrea - #6

Creates interactive experiences

Will never hide between stock photos and a hard set curriculum-based presentation. Andrea engages directly with the audience and faces their real-world issues head-on in front of the entire room.

Why work with Andrea - #7


With Andrea, we learn and grow together.

Why work with Andrea - #8

Seriously creative

In addition to the occasional (required) Powerpoint presentation, Andrea bursts on the scene with seriously creative props, teaching tools, and visuals that will help ensure the session resonates with the entire audience.

Why work with Andrea - #9

Has credentials

She never likes to use the words “smart” or “intelligent” to describe herself, but those are the precise words others will always use when telling you about Andrea. Not only does she have the experience to back it up, but she has the education with an Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, MBA from University of Tennessee, and Lean and Six Sigma certifications.

Why work with Andrea - #10

Gets real results

Information is great. Insight is even better. However, implementation is best! Any speaker can get an audience motivated and get their endorphins popping if they use the right words and a high amount of energy. Real results come when attendees experience something that they just cannot shake. It comes when they learn in a way that sticks; in a way that makes them HAVE to do something differently! Andrea delivers this… every single time.



YES!  You read that right!   Andrea delivers content and commentary that is real and completely raw. She never pretends to understand 100% of 100% of things. That’s ridiculous! She values collaborative learning and problem-solving. Her sessions create an environment where vulnerability and honesty are celebrated.


With an incredible ability to draw others in, Andrea uses her words to captivate your audience from the first word to the very last.  


The world is changing. Yes it sounds cliche, but it is more true now than it has probably been in the last century.  Andrea meets you where you are and speaks to your real-world challenges in a way that makes sense for today’s times.


With a natural ability to communicate in a way that reaches the masses and influences excellence, Andrea does not play by the rules when it comes to presenting and speaking. She actually pays attention to the audience and adjusts her presentation based on their specific needs.