Andrea Hardaway

Andrea Hardaway - Property Management Strategist and Author



We understand how much work goes into planning and preparing for amazing events, conferences, and  meetings.  The time you spend and  financial investment should start generating a return to you before the event even starts.  We also understand that success goes beyond just showing up.  You want to ensure your audience learns and applies things that have a significant impact in their business (and their life).  

So , whether you need keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or session moderator… our goal is to ensure your event lives up to (and  exceeds your vision). In short, you should have NO DOUBT that your choices are worth the investment!   Our team is ready to partner with you to ensure your journey with Andrea Hardaway is memorable and impactful! 



Contact our office to discuss your engagement. We will be in touch with you shortly to look over the details and confirm Andrea's availability for your specified date.

We will tentatively hold your booking date while we are in communication and ironing out all the details.


To secure a date on Andrea's calendar, a non-refundable 50% deposit of her fee is required. We will also send you our contract to review and sign.

Everything is sent quickly and all contracts come with E-sign capabilities. After signing, our staff will schedule a pre-program interview and consultation with Andrea.


Andrea will meet with you and others on your team in person or virtually. This discussion will help her gain insight regarding your organization, event theme, meeting objectives and property management trends.

Using this information, Andrea will prepare a program that is personalized to suit your event.


Andrea's remaining balance will be due no later than 10 days prior to your scheduled event. Leading up to the event, we will also confirm the room setup, provide any marketing material for your program (if needed), and continue to coordinate travel itinerary, other logistics.


If this is an out-of- town engagement, Andrea will generally arrive the day before her presentation. This allows ample time to become familiar with the venue, check the setup, and engage with the coordinators.


Clint and his team are all about making the event planning process as easy and streamlined as possible. Below you will find important downloadable PDFs and high quality images you can use to aid in the marketing and production efforts of your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for below, please email our office at

Audience Bio

Download Clint’s full bio to include with your marketing materials. This could be used for conference programs, fliers, or other promotional materials for your event.

Audio & Stage Requirements

Here you will find Clint’s requested lighting, stage, and AV setup that is most preferred while speaking. This setup is not required for the event but is HIGHLY recommended.

Drum Kit Setup

Almost every time Clint speaks, a drum set is involved. Don’t have a drum set for the event?? That’s ok…our team has partnered with local drum dealers across the country to provide Clint’s setup for an affordable price.